Pharma Ventures

Predicting the future behavior

of new or existing drug products or molecules in the market is a resource intensive, time-consuming endeavor.

Companies utilize dozens of people

and multiple data formats in an attempt to coalesce and integrate numerous variables to accomplish this task in a nonautomated fashion.

These nonautomated methods are slow, prone to error,

marginally repeatable, incredibly difficult to scale and create potential incidents of failure due to the number of people attempting to coordinate the simulation.

Companies need an effective tool to identify the next blockbuster product opportunity.

is capable of integrating dozens of variables in a multi-faceted, combinatorial, multi-step, recursive, non-linear simulation. It starts with our trademark intellectual property called CorePharmaâ„¢.

CorePharmaâ„¢ is a metadata repository of all drug products regulated by the FDA since the beginning of the Internet. Updated monthly from the National Institute of Health RXNorm database and FDA Orange Book/Purple Book repositories, this IP is further enhanced with data from the U.S. Patent & Trade Office.

Combined with our dynamic simulation modeling platform, we can evaluate the value of a drug product/molecule with an unlimited number of simulated permutations and results in a fraction of the time required by a traditional team of analysts.

Forerunner FVAPE is a valuable addition to any executive team because it:
Produces thousands of potential projections using a stochastic simulation model in just a few days.

Calculates thousands of potential outcomes that dynamically enhance the ability to evaluate a drug product opportunity.

Predicts the most probably outcomes as a baseline of future performance. Can be further refined to optimize variable input for numerous specific goals, e.g. maximum market penetration, maximum revenue or maximum profit.

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