• One Year in the Books

It’s officially one year in the books for The Forerunner Group. It has been a wild ride and as I post this from our newest customer outside of Des Moines, Iowa (a very large chemical company) it gave me some time to reflect about and appreciate all that has happened in the last 12 months. The exciting thing about this project is we are implementing our new cloud-based analytical solution based on technology from Microsoft and it looks like it will be transformative for our group and our customers. Looking back, I can definitely admit there have been some missteps but all of it has taught us how to focus and create product offerings that can be game changing in their market segments.

I’m excited to be working with my accountibiity solutions partners at:


And our advanced analytics partners at:


Looking forward, we have some carryover projects from 2014 and exciting new opportunities like kicking off a new relationship with our new friends here in Iowa.  Thanks for all of your support and helping us get out front.


Managing Director

The Forerunner Group

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