• The Origin of The Forerunner Group

In January 2014, I started The Forerunner Group, a minority owned Pennsylvania LLP with a focus on developing and marketing leading-edge analytical, planning and simulation platforms. I spent 10 years in the analytics and planning space, consulting and delivering solutions to some of the largest and most well-known companies on earth. Working closely with senior executives, finance professionals and other superior business leaders has helped me understand how they think and what priorities drive performance. Those priorities are solutions — solutions to business problems that are solvable with the right processes and appropriate technology in place.

Our innovative solutions leverage cloud-based technologies with a concentration on analytics, high-value and quick delivery, and allow us to target specific opportunities that can be leveraged for broader market applicability. All Forerunner Group solutions have provable ROI and enhanced business value.

We bring cutting-edge analytical and planning solutions to market by collaborating with our large network of best-of-class partners. We work with companies of all sizes to solve industry and department specific problems with our combination of expertise and pre-built technology that is customizable to ensure affordable project delivery in a short timeframe.

We develop “what’s next.”

The Forerunner Group recently launched it’s first product offering, RXTransparent, a Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance solution. RXTransparent leads the market created by the DSCSA and has been designed in conjunction with and to accommodate the compliance requirements of one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States. RXTransparent has been architected to accommodate the near and long-term requirements of drug dispensers and will be further enhanced as drug supply chain security regulations evolve internationally.

My healthcare supply chain expertise provided me with the opportunity to join an international team that has developed an advanced simulation model for the life sciences industry, specifically for pharmaceuticals. Our Forerunner Venture Analysis Program Evaluator (VAPE) is capable of integrating dozens of variables in a multi-faceted, combinatorial, recursive, non-linear fashion to produce thousands of potential projections to predict the most probably outcomes. Build on top of CorePharma™, our intellectual property database of all drug products regulated by the FDA, VAPE can be further refined to optimize variable input for numerous specific goals, e.g. maximum market penetration, maximum revenue or maximum profit.

Recognized nationally as an expert in analytics and most recently in healthcare, I’ve had the good fortune of being the recipient of many healthcare and technology industry awards and accolades and my work has also been featured in Forbes magazine.

To schedule a discussion regarding your technology needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dwight deVera
Managing Director
The Forerunner Group
Office:   +1 (646) 783-3172
Mobile:  +1 (610) 930-6043

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